Master thesis and scientific papers

Part of every course of a study is the application of the learned theory in various written works and presentations. During my premaster and master studies at Tilburg University, I wrote a wide variety of papers in teams or alone in subjects such as `Organizational Change,´ `HRM, Work design and Technology,´ `Work, Well-Being and Performance,´ `Research in HRM,´ `Strategic HRM,´ and `International Labor Law and Globalization.´

Each of these assignments had to meet a wide variety of requirements and presented me with a wide range of challenges, which are listed in the respective work.
Besides, the work is available in the language in which I wrote it for grading.

For now, only one work of mine is available. Over time further work, as well as my Bachelor and Master thesis, will be available.
Since I am not aiming for an academic career, I have not published any papers in scientific journals or websites. Nevertheless, all papers are written according to scientific standards and guidelines.