Samra Akhtarkhavari, MSc
“Karin is detail-oriented while at the same time keeping an eye on the bigger picture. She is able to deliver quality work on a deadline and hold others accountable as well. At the same time, she does well in a team as she is very communicative and handles giving and receiving feedback well. Karin is focused and knows what she wants but does not trample on others to get it. She is great to work with as she can bring a certain depth of understanding to a project that is not found in everyone.”

Maria Renz, BA. – Human Resources at Shell Austria
“Karin is always acting pro-actively and brings new ideas into the team. She speaks up and shares her opinion to get the best out of situations. She spreads her passion for HR and I wish her great success in that area – this is well deserved!”

Gabriele Seib, MSc
“We perceived Karin as a committed team player. She works very quickly, efficiently, and has continuously performed her assigned tasks to our complete satisfaction within the set deadline. Her flexibility concerning communication via new media is particularly noteworthy, and her pleasantly friendly nature is remarkable! Chats and video conferences were always well structured and prepared, which saved us a lot of time and money. This woman understands her job, and it is still a pleasure for us to work with her!”

Annemiek Booister, MSc
“I would describe Karin as a bright and cheerful individual. This made working with her a great pleasure. She is very communicative; face-to-face and digitally. This resulted in that we always knew what to expect from Karin, quality-wise and in teamwork. She knows how to organize her work and is not afraid to ask critical questions. Her communicative skills and bright personality will certainly be an asset to any group.”