Bachelor studies

My bachelor study of Human Resource Management at the FHWien University of Applied Science of WKW included several economic subjects, such as investment & finance, operational and strategic business management, organizational change & development, project management, as well as marketing and statistics.
Due to the focus on human resource management covered the majority of subjects HR topics. These classes were about labor law, compensation & benefits, international HR management, workforce planning, personnel development, career & competence management, as well as employer branding, talent management, knowledge management, and recruiting.

In the same vein, I finished subjects about didactics, design of workshops and pieces of training, moderation, and mediation within organizations, and how to design an assessment center. Furthermore, I acquired the certificate to work as a trainer. Additionally, we planned, organized, and conducted training for pupils about how to write your personnel application and present yourself during a job interview.

There is no study without writing a scientific work. In this case, it is especially relevant since this scientific work methods can be used for employee surveys and conducting interviews. We learned in one subject when and how to use quantitative and qualitative methods in different projects, and wrote the corresponding papers.

In figures, this means more than 4,500 working hours (>1,275 Eco., > 1.575 HR, > 900 Training, > scientific methods) in 43 different subjects with an equal number of oral or written exams as well as written examinations.

In this specialized study is economic knowledge with updated knowledge about human resource management interconnected and constitute a comprehensive and decisively mix of qualifications and expertise. Those can be used to develop every organization so it can achieve its operative and strategic goals.