HR generalist

HR Management is a diverse and essential area in any company, whose contribution to the organization is underestimated, and the opportunities it offers not fully exploited. Combining comprehensive knowledge of HR management and business administration enables me to use the full potential of resources (finances, time, personnel, material).

Due to my bachelor and master studies, I am familiar with strategic HR management, personnel development, personnel marketing, career and talent management, workplace design, competence management, work psychology, applicant management, labor law and international labor law, compensation management, as well as investment & financing, operational and strategic corporate management and organizational development & change management, to list a few topics.

During my studies, I update HR policies and practices, design various strategic and operational HR projects, and use statistical analysis across multiple projects. Over the course of my internship and before my master’s degree, I was able to apply and expand my knowledge in recruiting in a practical way. I managed and coordinated the entire recruitment process, selected the recruitment strategy, wrote and published job postings, interviewed up to 40 candidates per week and wrote candidate reports. I also recommended suitable tests to companies to determine the professional and social skills of the candidates and supported the candidates during contract negotiations.