Why me

Ever since I got to know HR management and explored all of its sub-areas in my extensive undergraduate degree, I have been fascinated by this diverse area and its numerous opportunities to improve organizations. However, as a factual person, I have missed fact-based decisions in HR management. To fill this fascinating knowledge gap, I researched and studied People Analytics at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. During this master’s degree, I learned to use all available data effectively in order to arrive at a fact-based decision.

As a result of my comprehensive business and HR studies and work experience, I have a holistic perspective and a deep understanding of an organization’s dependencies. This perspective is essential to apply my extensive HR management and people analytics knowledge to identify the underlying issues and find answers to business challenges and questions. Questions like, `Which employees are at risk of burnout and why?’, `What can the HR department do to achieve the organization’s goals?’, `What investments do we need to optimize to achieve the desired business results?’ and `What drives employee engagement, productivity, satisfaction, and performance?’ are just a few examples. Likewise, topics like fluctuation, overtime, training effectiveness, organizational barriers, recruitment, and HR programs’ significance can be addressed in order to reduce or improve them.

As part of the practice-oriented curriculum, I updated HR policies and practices, designed various strategic and operational HR projects, and used advanced statistical analysis across multiple projects throughout my studies and used a multi-level analysis for my master’s thesis. Furthermore, I learned how to visualize data with Tableau, Power BI, and Excel, analyze data with SPSS, HLM, and R, and design and run surveys with Qualtrics.
I look forward to using new programs and learning new things in the future, as I take constant further development for granted, and stopping means going backward for me. This attitude towards lifelong learning was essential for my master’s thesis, as the multilevel analysis went beyond the taught curriculum, and my supervisor did not provide any additional support.

Colleagues, friends, and former superiors characterize me as a person with integrity, discipline, a sense of duty, and perseverance, who has a structured and precise way of working, and who does her tasks in a timely and accurate manner. The group goal is always in the foreground for me. I have strong analytical and logical thinking skills and prefer to work in teams where collaboration and everyone’s skills and knowledge are central to finding innovative solutions. Also, I am breaking new ground and leaving the beaten path to find contemporary solutions to the challenges of the new world of work.

In Summer 2020, I completed my master’s degree at Tilburg University and am now looking for an entry-level position in a future-oriented HR department, which also regards people analytics as necessary.
If you, dear visitor, are looking for a committedHR manager / people analyst who is not afraid of change, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing my contribution to your HR department and your company.

Although I grew up in the beautiful Austrian capital Vienna, during my master’s degree in Tilburg I was impressed by the different cultures and people that led to the desire to live and work abroad. Which is why I am of course ready to move for a job.