Why me

Because already during my first employment as HR-Controller, I implemented the entire HR-Controlling of a medium-sized company on my own, and I am the sole contact person regarding personnel costs. In addition, I work closely on various projects with the finance department, the site managers and the respective controllers, and other stakeholders, both inside and outside the company. This included the planning and creation of the HR dashboard, the creation of all HR reports as well as the development and implementation of all HR controlling processes. During the design of the HR dashboard and the implementation of all reports and processes, I always considered the long-term planned development as well as the further automation.

Now imagine what I can achieve when, in my first job as an HR controller, I was already able to set up the entire HR controlling of a company on my own in less than a year, how I can further develop an existing HR controlling if I can bring in my education as a people analyst.

I see it as my obligation to use my acquired expertise to benefit the company and all employees. In particular, my expertise in People Analytics and my fact-based mindset add significant value and support management in reaching a data-driven decision and an informed solution. Furthermore, it enables me to have a holistic perspective to contribute significantly to the resource-efficient further development of HR measures and the company.

Although I grew up in Vienna’s beautiful Austrian capital, I was impressed by the different cultures, people, and prevailing mentality during my master’s studies in Tilburg. Therefore, it is also natural for me to live and work abroad when the opportunity arises.