Past, Present, Future


After my apprenticeship as a garden center clerk, it was clear that this profession is not the one I would like to pursue for the next decades. Since I had to make a living, I held various positions as a cashier and clerk while I was looking for the right job for me. Therefore, I completed my high school degree as a part-time vocational education while working and finished it in 2008.

During this time, I got to know the area of HR Management (in theory) for the first time. Fascinated by this area, as it covered a wide range of topics, such as development, finance, marketing, strategy, and leadership, I used all the media available to find out more about this extensive and varied area.

From 2011 on, I continued my education using various courses and training exclusively in this area. I completed several WIFI courses for HR Management (generalist and professional), payroll accounting, and labor law. These courses further intensified my interest and finally, in 2014, led me to my Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management at the FHWien of WKW, which I completed in July 2017. During this course, I completed an internship as a recruiter with a personnel consultant, where I gained my first practical experience in recruiting and was able to apply my knowledge successfully.
From July 2017 until the end of January 2018, I worked as a recruiter and recruiting specialist for IT and technology at a recruitment agency. There I was able to expand and successfully apply my experience as a recruiter.

In November 2017, I continued my education until January 2018 with two HR Analytics and one HR Metrics course from the HR Analytics Academy to use my talent to work with numbers and statistics. At the same time, I read current scientific papers to acquire further knowledge in this area.
This interest and the knowledge that my Bachelor’s degree is only a basis for my future career and education led me to Tilburg University (Netherlands). At Tilburg University, I completed the Premaster and Master program in Human Resource Management. Through this study abroad, I acquired further profound knowledge in People Analytics and Statistics to work as an People Analyst afterward. It also enabled me to gain in-depth knowledge in the areas of work psychology, organizational development, international labor law, work design, and technology.

During this study, it became second nature for me to draw up suitable diagrams with the crucial information, formulate hypotheses, test the basic assumptions of parametric data, and select the correct analysis. I am familiar with collecting and compiling data from various sources, descriptive and inferential statistics, and performing parametric and non-parametric tests. I am also familiar with the different types of correlations (bivariate, partial, comparative), regressions (single, multiple, logistic), comparing two and more means (ANOVA), ANCOVA, factorial ANOVA, MANOVA, repeated-measures design, and the multilevel analysis. I used latter for my master’s thesis, which was beyond the taught curriculum and was particularly informative and instructive as my supervisor did not provide any additional support.


I see my academic education as the basis and foundation for my future career and further education. As you can see from my curriculum vitae, further education and training have always been part of my life and thus enables me to always have up-to-date knowledge, to take on new perspectives, and to immediately put them into practice.

With People Analytics, I have found my professional niche, as I can bring in a variety of my skills, interests, and passions in this field. As an People Analyst, I can use my talent to work with numbers and understand complex constructs and situations, to find solutions for challenges and problems, and also to support the management and the entire management team with facts and figures in strategic decisions.

Currently, I am looking for an entry-level position as an People Analyst to apply my knowledge and experience as a data analyst and my passion for HR management.
Although I grew up in the beautiful Austrian capital Vienna, during my master’s degree in Tilburg, I was impressed by the different cultures, people, and the Dutch mentality, which led to the desire to live and work abroad.

As mentioned before, lifelong learning is a matter of course for me, so I use the time during my job search to learn the programming languages R and improve my data analysis skills.


In the future, I would like to broaden and deepen my knowledge of People Analytics and all related areas. I will also explore and expand the possibilities to use People Analytics. At the same time, I would like to share my passion for this specific area with interested people and discuss possible areas of application.

Privately, I will pay more attention to the balance between leisure and further education, spend a little more time traveling, meet friends, and pursue other passions as further education.